Do more of these things to increase immunity

“Do more of these things to increase immunity” According to physicians and scientists, Covid-19 means coronary viruses quickly prevent people whose immune systems are weak. In such a situation, immunization needs special care, as some of the factors outlined here may help.

Do more of these things to increase immunity



Broccoli has enough vitamin C to help boost the body’s immunity and prevent infection. It contains phytochemicals that help remove toxins in the body. Broccoli contains extra levels of the palate that are also essential for mental health.

Recipe: Make vegetables and eat


do-more-of-these- things-to-increase-immunity-tomatoes

It contains lycopene that neutralizes free radicals present in the body so that free radicals do not harm our body. It also helps a lot in preventing weight loss from arthritis

Recipe: Make tomato salad and eat. Drinking its juice is also beneficial. You can eat chutney or vegetables



Eating raw garlic is also helpful in boosting immunity. It contains allicin, zinc, sulfur, selenium, and vitamins A and E. If you are suffering from colds or any type of fungal infection, the regular adhesive may prove helpful.

Recipe: Eat a garlic clove on an empty stomach. It is also useful to eat in vegetables and tomato soup.



Ginger keeps the body warm and prevents colds, coughs, sore throats, flu. It is helpful in relieving allergy, joint pain. It has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties. It acts as a heating element.

Reception: Drink ginger tea. Add it to the vegetables. You can also take ginger juice with honey.



Cinnamon is known for keeping the body warm. It helps to clear the sinuses. The antioxidants present in it keep the infection away. Drink cinnamon, basil leaves and cloves in hot water to increase the body’s immunity. This causes fever.

Reception: Drink the tea twice a day.



Drink two glasses of gooseberry juice and one tablespoon honey in a glass of water. For this, make juice from 2 gooseberries and mix it in water and take it. You can keep it for 1 month.



Orange and lemon are a good source of vitamin C, as the antioxidants found in it can protect you from the disease. Vitamin C is also essential for the production of white blood cells in the body, which helps to prevent infection.

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The lipopolysaccharide content found in it strengthens our immune system and protects us from the disease. Also, it has particularly anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. It is also helpful in removing toxins from the body.

How to Use: Drink a drink mixed with milk



In the morning, drink the juice of the basil leaves on an empty stomach. It relieves colds and coughs. Resistance is better and the emotional stress of the person goes away. Drinking tea prepared from basil leaf ginger and black pepper is useful in cough and colds.



Giloy is used as an energy drink. It provides the power to fight the disease. It is also beneficial for you to drink Giloy juice.

Be Careful

Cook the food well

Cook the food well and eat it. Eating perfectly is very important for staying healthy. Many times people think that cooking food destroys its nutrients, and because of this, they do not cook the food properly, which causes the germs hidden in it to die completely and cause serious diseases. There is Eat non-veggie and eat well.

Avoid raw vegetables

Sometimes raw vegetables are good for health, but eating raw vegetables should not be avoided. However, it is advisable to eat raw vegetables for better digestion. These vegetables provide a lot of fiber, but at this time when the coroner virus surrounds the world, it is best to avoid raw vegetables. Wash and cook the vegetables well.

Drink hot water

Drink as much hot water as possible. Hot water, where another cuff, is effective in treating constipation, gas, obesity, cold-cold, tonsils. To avoid the same coronary virus, doctors are also advised to drink warm water. Drinking lemon juice in warm-hot water is also beneficial. Because of this, the body will get enough vitamin C and increase the immune system.

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